JFK to Get $10 Billion State-of-the-Art Upgrade

JFK to Get $10 Billion State-of-the-Art Upgrade

It seems that construction at New York City’s JFK Airport is neverending and if Governor Andrew Cuomo gets his way, $10 billion more in construction will be coming to the disaster that is JFK.

Massive upgrades include bringing in facial-recognition technology, expanded Van Wyck Expressway with one additional lane in each direction, reconfiguration of the roadway inside the airport into a circular road that connects all terminals—this is how it actually was before this construction phase in the 90s so  how much did we waste on that bullshit only to have them go back to the original?

The New York Post writes, “JFK is ranked 59th out of the top 100 international airports. We used to be number one,” Cuomo said during a presentation to the Association for a Better New York. “Time has passed us by. We have to catch up.” 

The Air Train would also reap benefits of the redesigned airport, with service doubling and the number of cars upped from two to four per train. Other changes are slated to include “world class amenities,” expanded taxiways, and increased mass transit to the airport.

JFK’s transformation is projected to cost a staggering $10 billion, surpassing LaGuardia Airport’sforthcoming $4 billion renovation. Governor Cuomo stated that the plan to transform JFK is part of a “greater plan for reimagining our crossings and rebuilding our infrastructure in New York.” adds Curbed.

Looks pretty groovy if the renderings are real and it actually happens. 

But we won’t hold our breath until funds are actually budgeted with concrete timelines.




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