Uptown NYC Rats are Genetically From Downtown Boujie Rats

Uptown NYC Rats are Genetically From Downtown Boujie Rats


So yeah, that’s in the news today over at The Atlantic which reports that a graduate student went around and trapped rats from Inwood to Downtown Manhattan for the past two years.

During the study, they found out that although the rats were pretty much derived from the same Western European stock, these rats, in fact, exhibit distinct genetic markers so much so that they can tell if a rat is from the West Village or the East Village. They can even tell if the rat is from Washington Heights and likes to eat mangu.

Ok well they can’t tell if they like to eat mangu but they can tell that it’s from The Heights or uptown vs below midtown Manhattan.

Matthew Combs of Fordham University, is now writing his dissertation on his findings looking at various urban demographics and characteristics from poverty to parks and subways can impact the distribution of rats around the island of Manhattan.

Combs hopes his research can help in learning how to better control the rat population which we have miserably failed to do. 

Doesn’t he know that in the end the rats and roaches will win?



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